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"There is no fear in Love;  but perfect Love casteth out fear" — 1 John 4:18 


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The Holistic World Model

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Darwin is Obsolete

Gopi Krishna's Revised Theory of Evolution

1. Evolution is directed by a super-intelligent force which operates through a biological mechanism in the human body known to yoga theory as ‘kundalini’, and by many other names in a wide variety of ancient and esoteric texts.

2. Evolution, including human evolution, is therefore not ‘random’, but a deliberate act on the part of an invisible cosmic intelligence or organizing power and has a ‘target.’

3. The target of evolution is to produce a virtual superman or woman who will live in a permanent state of bliss, possess a genius level of intelligence, and various other attributes seldom seen in the population at large such as psychic powers.

4. Since the kundalini mechanism is a biological mechanism, given a properly conducted research program based on a serious scientific study of a group of suitable candidates, it should be possible to measure the biological and intellectual changes using suitable tests and equipment.

5. The existence of the kundalini mechanism explains the origin of the religious impulse in man, and therefore heals the schism between science and religion.

All That Matters is The Light

And All That Requires is that
 We Build It

So Let's Build It!

"Under God"

A Natural Earth for a Natural Progression

Human Empathy is Hard Wired

Animals Show the Way and Debunk Darwin's Theory

The Story of a Journalist and a Sage

Julia Ward Howe's Mother's Day Proclamation of 1870

Pineal Gland Awareness

The Warring and Toxic World Impedes Our Pineal Gland